Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults 7th Edition Miller Test Bank

Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults 7th Edition Miller Test Bank


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All Chapter Included (Total 29)


CHAPTER 1 Seeing Older Adults Through the Eyes of Wellness Free Sample
CHAPTER 2 Addressing Diversity of Older Adults Free Sample
CHAPTER 3 Applying a Nursing Model for Promoting Wellness in Older Adults
CHAPTER 4 Theoretical Perspectives on Aging Well
CHAPTER 5 Gerontological Nursing and Health Promotion
CHAPTER 6 Diverse Health Care Settings for Older Adults
CHAPTER 7 Assessment of Health and Functioning
CHAPTER 8 Medications and Other Bioactive Substances
CHAPTER 9 Legal and Ethical Concerns
CHAPTER 10 Elder Abuse and Neglect
CHAPTER 11 Cognitive Function
CHAPTER 12 Psychosocial Function
CHAPTER 13 Psychosocial Assessment
CHAPTER 14 Impaired Cognitive Function: Delirium and Dementia
CHAPTER 15 Impaired Affective Function: Depression
CHAPTER     16 Hearing
CHAPTER 17 Vision
CHAPTER 18 Digestion and Nutrition
CHAPTER 19 Urinary Function
CHAPTER     20 Cardiovascular Function
CHAPTER 21 Respiratory Function
CHAPTER 22 Mobility and Safety
CHAPTER 23 Integument
CHAPTER 24 Sleep and Rest
CHAPTER 25 Thermoregulation
CHAPTER 26 Sexual Function
CHAPTER 27 Caring for Older Adults During Illness
CHAPTER 28 Caring for Older Adults Experiencing Pain
CHAPTER     29 Caring for Older Adults at the End of Life

Nursing for Wellness in Older Adults 7th Edition Miller Test Bank

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